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Nobody believes in the truth fairy anymore: UK election 2019

Why the soundbite culture is destroying democracy  People are angry. Wet and angry. It rains a lot and it’s dark, but then again it’s December. Elections aren’t meant to happen just before Christmas. There’s nothing festive about an election. Maybe there was back in 1997: Things are Going to Get Better. They did for a while. …

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Great short stories – the sense of place

Four short story writers who put place at the heart of their stories     This week, as we continue the elusive pursuit of the ‘magic recipe’ for short stories, we look at four short story writers whose sense of place transports the reader so firmly into the story’s setting that the setting becomes, in …

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Great short stories – the magic recipe? #2

Character:  I’ve put a question mark after the title this week, since I wouldn’t want anyone to believe that I think there’s actually such a thing as a ‘magic recipe’ for writing a short story. It’s a mighty subtle form, and no list of ingredients and mixing instructions will guarantee success. But looking at how …