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I, Daniel Blake (film review)

I, Daniel Blake is both tender and angry, which is what Ken Loach has always done so well. It is an impassioned plea for humanity, set not in an inhumane landscape, but in an intensely human one. With just one or two exceptions the people in this film care about each other. No-one is trying to to make Daniel sell his furniture to survive, or to make his friend, Katie, a single mother trying to raise two children, sell herself. It is just the system. And this is where the film triumphs in a way that I have seen no other do. It makes the case, quietly and compellingly, that in a society which is all about systems and processes, many of them run by IT, humans are defenceless and doomed. It doesn’t tell us what to do about that – we will have to work that out for ourselves.

Five stars.